Sleep apnea is a condition where you can stop breathing for short periods of time during sleep, which can lead to you not able to intake enough oxygen, which causes the people to gasp and often wake up. In many cases, people do not feel that they have stopped breathing, which can lead you to not being able to get proper rest. Sleep apnea has a number of health complications like mental issues, poor immunity, memory loss and risk of heart failure. There are many common treatments, like breathing devices, surgery, medications, etc. If you want to also improve the quality of your sleep in addition to treatment provided by you can use these natural ways to help treat sleep apnea.

Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity, specifically in the upper body, can increase the chances of your airways getting obstructed, which can narrow nasal passages. This is the main reason why doctors recommend people with sleep apnea to lose weight. Also, in many cases where people have actually eliminated sleep apnea after losing weight. It is important to note that if you start gaining your weight, you might start seeing the symptoms of sleep apnea again.


Regular exercise can increase your energy level, which is better for your heart as well as your sleep apnea. There is scientifically proof where people have improved their respiratory strength after regular yoga. Yoga decreases oxygen saturation in your blood and improves oxygen levels through breathing exercises. Also, yoga reduces the sleep interruptions one might experience during sleep.

Sleep position

This is a very small change which can reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea. According to a study sleeping on your back with sleep apnea can worsen the symptoms and a small change from sleeping on your back to side to improve breathing can be beneficial to help you sleep with sleep apnea.

Use humidifier

Humidifier adds moisture to the air, which can help open your airways by decreasing congestion. You can add oils to your humidifier to make the air more soothing to you. As oils can be soothing, they promote healthy sleeping habits, and with the help of humidifiers, you do not have to deal with dry air which can irritate the respiratory system.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Some lifestyle changes may improve your health as well as help in better sleeping habits. If you quit smoking and drinking, you can reduce the complications that sleep apnea causes. Alcohol is known to relax the throat muscles, which can lead to snoring; also this can cause inflammation blocking your airway furthermore. Similar symptoms have been found in people who use tobacco and smoke cigarettes, which can worsen your sleep apnea.