There are many situations that come your way when guest have no place to sit or sleep, especially if the visit is unplanned. These are the times when a floor mattress comes to your rescue as sleeping on the floor may cause a great deal of pain, especially if you already have an existing condition. To ensure that you have the right comfort and support from your floor mattresses, we have gathered some of the best ones in the market as of 2019.

Miliard twin 6-inch memory foam tri-fold mattress

This mattress is designed to provide maximum comfort to help you sleep on the floor and get a good night’s rest. Also, due to its tri-fold shape, you can fold it and fit it anywhere. It is one of the best choices for a road trip as the memory foam offers more comfort, especially for people who are dealing with arthritis and other orthopaedic issues.

American Furniture alliance trifold mattress

This American furniture alliance trifold mattress provides with an average density poly foam which can withstand any stress. If you want to be sleeping on the floor with the best mattress, American furniture trifold mattress is portable and lightweight with strap which makes it a favourite among travellers.

Best Price mattress trifold

Best price mattress is made of memory foam, which has a high-density foam and has a two-layer construction which improves comfort and support. It has charcoal extracts which allow it to absorb odour and keep the mattress for a long time. It has an extra feature as it comes with a carry bag which keeps the mattress clean while you travel with it.

Zinus Memory foam 4 inch trifold comfortable portable folding mattress

This floor mattress provides with a healthy sleep on the floor as the mat is constructed with a three-layer memory foam which has a natural ingredient which absorbs moisture strapped in the bed while getting rid of the odour with it. This mattress does not contain toxic substance and is safe to sleep on.

Rolling bed DDFR33080 Traditional Japanese floor futon mattress

This is a traditional Japanese futon which is designed by the rolling bed which offers a wide range of health benefits. This futon is made using 100 per cent polyester with a cotton filling. It is much more comfortable to lay down on, and the easy roll feature makes it much more likeable by frequent travellers.

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon mattress classe

This is a simple map which improves the overall quality of sleep. It is a padded mattress which is 2.5 inches thick, which includes a durable polyester fibre which is firm and supportive on your back. The mattress is made with 100 per cent cotton, and the feel of the fabric is very luxurious.